March 30, 2021

Cleaning Hydraulic Fluid

checking hydraulic fluid

When it comes to cleaning your aircraft, there are few things more frustrating than sticky dried hydraulic fluid. This is that reddish-black coating full of dirt and debris.

Here’s a good tech tip – take a spray bottle, fill it with 5606 (provided that is the type of fluid you are fighting), and spray it on the aircraft surface or a rag. The fresh 5606 will reactivate the old, sticky mess on the bottom of the airplane, and you’ll be able to wipe it clean with significantly less effort.

Follow up with a standard, aircraft-grade surface cleaner and you’re good to go. Remember to always clean your aircraft in accordance with the manufacturers guidance, but this tip will help you do it faster and more efficiently.

-Travis Fleshman, Maintenance Manage Stevens GYH

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