July 25, 2022

Stevens Aerospace Completes Initial U.S. Army King Air C-12U G1000NXI


Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems, LLC (“Stevens”) announces that they have completed the first fully integrated U.S. Army King Air C-12U/B200C G1000NXi installation at their Greenville, South Carolina facility. The prototype is the first of 10 King Air C-12U G1000NXi installations awarded to Stevens. Coincidentally, this installation was also a milestone for Gamin marking the 750th G1000NXi installation. Unique to this installation was the requirement to integrate military equipment – including a third GPS (TA-24), a third transponder (APX-119), and a secure communications system (ARC-231).

cockpit small

Stevens has a long history of being one of Garmin’s leading G1000NXi installation centers as well as one of the U.S. Government’s top depot-level aircraft repair and modification centers. Along with the G1000NXi, the aircraft will receive a full paint and interior refurbishment. Stevens’ deep history of Garmin G1000 and other full-panel conversions coupled with its paint, interior, and maintenance capability made Stevens the best choice for the U.S. Army on this project. As part of the project, Stevens will also provide familiarization training for the U.S. Army’s pilots prior to delivery in Stevens’ full-sized King Air cockpit simulator located at the installation center. “This is the beginning of the U.S. Army’s modernization and standardization of the C-12U/BL series aircraft”, said Jim Williams, VP of Government Operations at Stevens. ”Stevens’ solid history with Garmin G1000 installations and ability to interface this specialized military equipment were key to winning this contract and giving the U.S Army a path forward to modernizing the C-12U fleet”.

For more information on Stevens Aerospace contact Jim Williams, VP of Government Operations at JWilliams@StevensAerospace.com.

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