Explore our aircraft paint services.

Whether your airplane needs a complete strip and repaint or a simple exterior cleaning, our experienced paint team is here to exceed expectations. Not only will your aircraft look immaculate, but you will know that every step of the painting process was executed to exacting standards.

Our Paint Services

  • Partial, full, and custom refurbishment
  • Complete strip and repaint
  • Fuselage restriping and color changes with custom color matching
  • Registration number changes with avionics on-site to complete the process

Paint Portfolio

Your aircraft, our canvas.

At Stevens, every aircraft paint project is an opportunity to transform a blank canvas into a gleaming expression of a customer’s signature style. Through pristine workmanship and a carefully curated paint process, we deliver designs that perfectly reflect the way you see the world. Explore some of our past work below.

gray, blue, white, black paint splotches
Black wing, red rail
jet propeller
front of black plane
front of white plane
windows and stripe pattern on close-up of plane side
red and white stripes on black plane
windows closeup of black plane
red and white paint detail on black plane
cockpit view of black plane

Our Process

A meticulous paint process made possible by more than 70 years of experience.

1. Evaluation

Before any work begins, you and one of our paint refurbishment experts will inspect and evaluate your aircraft. This is our opportunity to get to know you and your aircraft, ask questions, and understand your vision.

2. Stripping

We’ll begin by masking sensitive areas such as your aircraft’s windows and landing gear, then apply a chemical stripping agent. The released paint will then be removed and the entire aircraft rinsed clean. Now that the skin is exposed, we’ll inspect your aircraft for any corrosion that was previously hidden by the paint.

3. Preparation

To prepare your aircraft for paint application, bare aluminum surfaces are chemically treated to prevent future corrosion and composite surfaces are hand sanded. Surface imperfections are reduced through the use of an aerodynamic filler to ensure the final product is nearly glass smooth. Lastly, your aircraft’s sensitive areas are then re-masked.

4. Painting

Our painters apply a layer of primer, which acts as both additional corrosion protection and a bonding surface for the paint. The aircraft then receives as many as four coats of its overall base color. Once cured, our experienced design painters begin to lay out the stripes and accent colors. While a computer rendering guides our artisans, it’s their keen eye for detail and steady hands that allow it to look “just right” when the paint is applied and the masking is removed.

Paint Videos

Artistry at Work

Browse the video gallery below, and discover how our teams utilize their aircraft paint expertise to bring our client’s visions to life.


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Denise DeYoung

Denise DeYoung

GYH Paint/Interior Design Manager