We’re a one-stop shop for
pre-purchase evaluations, repairs, and upgrades.

Our team brings more than 70 years of aviation expertise to every pre-purchase evaluation, and our process can be as in-depth or as cursory as the buyer or seller wishes. By identifying issues that may have gone unnoticed until the next inspection, buyers can be well-informed of the aircraft’s condition before they buy it. Plus, with a full spectrum of repair, maintenance, and refurbishment services, issues discovered during the evaluation can be addressed at the same Stevens facility.


Providing pre-purchase evaluations for
the world’s most iconic airframes.

Our technicians bring years of experience with virtually every type of private aircraft. We recognize what to look for and how to prioritize needed repairs, particularly for any inherent dangers and risks that could cause significant downtime. It’s this type of knowledge that often saves significant expenses in the long run. In the end, Stevens holds the expertise needed to help the buyer, seller, and all parties involved make the best decisions before, during and after the evaluation process.

Evaluations are performed daily at all Stevens locations on a wide variety of popular airframes. Explore our supported airframes.

Airframes We Serve

  • Challenger
  • Hawker/Beechjet
  • Citation
  • Global
  • Gulfstream
  • Piaggio
  • King Air
  • Learjet
  • Phenom

Our Difference

What sets Stevens Aerospace apart?

Since 1950, our team has been earning a reputation for transparency and integrity across every aircraft service. If a pre-purchase evaluation reveals that repairs are required, we discuss the best course of action, including alternative solutions. At any time during the repair process, we invite customers to visit, observe our work, and ask questions. We want you to know as much as possible about your aircraft and the investment you’re making, whether you’re buying or selling.


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Phil Stearns

Phil Stearns

Director of Sales and Marketing